Remote Control Voice Prompt Wireless door sensor Home Security GSM Alarm systems LCD Display Wired Siren Kit SIM SMS Alarm


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  • -Apply advanced mobile communication technology,support SMS and dialing alarm
  • -8 Wired defense zones and 99 wireless defense zones;
  • -At most 5 wireless remote control codes;
  • -LCD display. Build-in clock. Operate easy
  • -Sound prompt for all operations;
  • -SMS prompt when AC power lost and recover
  • -Can store 6 group of phone numbers:when alarming,system will make alarm call to these numbers automatically;
  • -Can store 2 group of SMS numbers:when alarming,system will send alarming SMS automatically;
  • -Can store 2 group of call number about alarm receiving center
  • -10-second automatic message recording;
  • -Build-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer;
  • -Users can make calls by using keypad on alarm panel,just like a telephone;
  • -One-key-control function: Out Arm,Home Arm,Remote Arm;
  • -SOS,fire,gas,door,hall,window,balcony,and perimeter places alarm;
  • -Real-time,delay,24 hours,bypass defense zones programming function;
  • -Wireless coding:easy to add additional wireless accessories;
  • -Built-in rechargeable battery, make alarm when power off

You can set 6 phone-call phone number and 2 message receiver phone number.

It’s not only an alarm, but also can be used as a phone to call. 
Press the phone number and press the phone key on disarm  state  to make a call.
You can set timing arm or disarm instead of operating by hand.

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery and automatically switchable upon power failure,

and notification will be sent via SMS
You can choose the arm/disarm SMS notification, to grasp the host state in the first time when you’re outside.

Item Specification:


GSM alarm host (with Power Adapter)        

Input Voltage                                          DC12V / 1A ( battery included )
Standby Current                                    ≤ 55mA
Alarming Current                                   ≤ 450mA
Wireless Frequency                              433 MHz, EV1527/300K
GSM Frequency                                     850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

Back-up battery                                      Lithium rechargeable battery 7.4V
4 Kinds of Power Plug        US/Euro/UK/AU Plug, We will ship out the right one that match your count.
Siren volume                                           110dB


Door/Window sensor
Power Supply                                          DC12V/23A  ( battery included )
Static Current                                          ≤20 mA
Transmission Current                             ≤15mA
Transmission Frequency                        433MHZ

Transmission Distance                          About 30m without barrier
Internal Distance                                      10 mm
Working Condition                                    Temperature -10 degree ~ + 40 degree
Humidity                                                   ≤ 90% rh
Battery Life Time                                     About 1 year

PIR Infrared sensor  
Power Supply                                        DC9V (6F22 battery) ( battery included )
Transmission                                         Current ≤20mA
Static Current                                            ≤10mA
Wireless Frequency                                 433 MHZ
Transmission Distance                           About 50m without barrier
Detective Speed                                      0.3 – 3m/s
Detective Distance                                  5 – 12m
Detective Range                                      Horizontal 110°, Vertical 60°
Battery Life Time                                     About 6 months
Working Condition                                   Temperature -10 degree ~ + 40 degree
Humidity                                                   ≤ 90 rh

Remote Control (Keyfobs)       
Power supply                                          DC12V/27A ( battery included )

Emission Current                                     ≤15 mA

Transmission Frequency                        433 MHZ

Emission Speed                                      T≤1 second

Emission Distance                                  About 30 meters without barrier

Working Condition                                   Temperature -10 degree ~ + 40 degree

Humidity                                                     ≤ 90 rh

Battery Life Time                                      About 1 year


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